Getting started

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This is my first post. Ever.

Well sort of- I once installed wordpress locally on my macbook back in January 2010. I really wanted to blog, but was unsure I had anything to tell of any value. I was 23, still at uni, and my ambitions about the future were only just starting to take shape. My first post (that never saw the light of day) was about the summer road trip to Byron Bay I had just come home from. It consisted mainly of drunken anecdotes, a couple of quips about hippy stereotypes and some in-jokes for the 5 people I travelled with.

I stared at this draft post for days and tore it to shreds. It underwent almost a dozen rewrites, until I pulled the plug and deleted the blog.

It hadn’t occurred to me how inconsequential the subject matter was. It was just fodder for over analysis and negative criticism. These personality quirks were working against me, and I gave up on this outlet and pushed it to the back of my mind. In stark contrast, a month later I set up a blog for a friend, who was bashing out posts with no apprehension. To say it propelled her opportunities would be an understatement. The blog eventually scored her a dream job, a growing audience and a creative outlet to express her thoughts on one of her passions. Some people would cite this as smoking gun evidence that saying no to things can suck balls. But old habits die hard.

A lot has happened in the 2 years since suffocating that post. I finished my degree, scored a good job earning my chops as a designer, and eventually quit to start my own business. Over this period, I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety, fear, joy, excitement, stress, pride and growth.

I now feel more confident that I have something of value to write about. I also see the potential to reach out and connect with like-minded people. That’s why I’ve joined the March (pun shamelessly intended). Having to blog that frequently will ill afford me the time to continuously tweak and over-analyse things. Also, writing with the notion of worrying about it later, or “fixing it in post production”, might produce interesting results.

I’m hoping that by the end of March, I’ve got a better grasp on the forces that stop me from putting things out into the world.

At the very least I had to manage my expectations and google one thing before I started.

Breaking a habit

I hope your right midiman7; that leaves me a day to spare at the end.

If not, we’ll just fix it in post.